How will the ASP be implemented?

We have taken a multi-sectoral approach to this and our partners span across Government, the private sector and civil society organisations. It is important to implement this programme strategically and efficiently and we have made efforts to strengthen our relationships to achieve a good outcome. We are all working together to provide this solution for […]

Why is the NSIP involved with the ASP?

The NSIP was specifically established to coordinate all poverty eradication activities in Nigeria and facilitate for effective cooperation between all stake stakeholders in poverty eradication. This is to ensure the deployment of an effective social safety net system on the poor and vulnerable Nigerians including those that are affected by disasters, mainly to manage the […]

How will the beneficiaries be chosen?

The children will be chosen from all over the country. Different groups of children unable to access education including those in vulnerable conditions, victims of insurgency and social and environmental dislocation, children on the street and in markets etc. 

What does ASP and OOSC stand for?

ASP is Alternate School Programme and OOSC is Out-Of-School-Programme The ASP is an intervention programme focused on providing education in a flexible way to the OOSC while also providing them with Social Investment Program benefits.