Frequently Ask Questions


Here are some commonly asked questions about the programmes

How do I partner with the M&E department?

Contact the M&E office for more information.

What is the SIMIS application?

The SIMIS application is a pre-installed app in the tablet (working tool) used by the independent monitors for data collection, which is transmitted into the M&E database.

What does SIMIS mean?

Social Investment Management Information System.

How do I become an Independent Monitor?

To become an Independent Monitor, please contact or visit us.

How do you address Nigerians who feel this will be a waste of resources?

I want to assure Nigerians that this programme utilises already existing resources. We have learned lessons from past interventions and along with our partners, we are committed to applying these lessons and bridging the remaining gaps. It is not simply a case of throwing more resources at a problem, but

How will the ASP be implemented?

We have taken a multi-sectoral approach to this and our partners span across Government, the private sector and civil society organisations. It is important to implement this programme strategically and efficiently and we have made efforts to strengthen our relationships to achieve a good outcome. We are all working together

Why is the NSIP involved with the ASP?

The NSIP was specifically established to coordinate all poverty eradication activities in Nigeria and facilitate for effective cooperation between all stake stakeholders in poverty eradication. This is to ensure the deployment of an effective social safety net system on the poor and vulnerable Nigerians including those that are affected by

How will the beneficiaries be chosen?

The children will be chosen from all over the country. Different groups of children unable to access education including those in vulnerable conditions, victims of insurgency and social and environmental dislocation, children on the street and in markets etc. 

How is the ASP different from other government and non-government agencies targeted at OOSC?

The ASP is different because it also targets the humanitarian and social challenges faced by the OOSC. – it is a social protection programme with elements of Education. 

What does ASP and OOSC stand for?

ASP is Alternate School Programme and OOSC is Out-Of-School-Programme The ASP is an intervention programme focused on providing education in a flexible way to the OOSC while also providing them with Social Investment Program benefits.

Can a retired worker apply for any of the loan schemes?

Yes, if the retiree falls within the age bracket of any of the following schemes (Tradermoni; 18 – 40 years, Marketmoni; 18 – 55 years and Farmermoni; 18 – 55 years). 

If my state/LGA of origin is different from my state/LGA of residence, can I apply for the loans in my LGA of residence?

Yes. The GEEP loans are for all Nigerians. Therefore, any interested applicant can register at their local GEEP desk office regardless of origin.

Can a civil/public servant apply for the GEEP loans?

No. The loans are meant for poor and vulnerable people who have some entrepreneurial skills, not those who are gainfully employed.

Do I need to have a BVN and/or account number to register?

No. No one will ask for your bank details

What are the requirements for registration?

Valid NIN only

How much is the registration fee?

Registration is free

What does tenure mean?

Loan tenure is the total amount of time over which you spread your loan repayment. It is the amount of time you are required to pay off the money you borrowed

What does a moratorium period mean?

A moratorium period is a period or time frame during a loan where a borrower is not supposed to make any repayment.

How much do i get?

 N-POWER: The N-Power Programme offers a Stipend Of 10,000 naira for its non-graduate programmes and 30,000 Naira for graduate programmes GEEP: The Government Enterprise and Empowerment programme offers loans from N10,000 to N300,000. N50,000 for Market Moni, N50,000 loan facility to petty traders for Trader Moni and up to N300,000

How do i apply?

Application for the two empowerment schemes is open to the public. The portal for the N-Power application has closed, but for more information on how to apply, please visit the N-Power portal at www.npower.gov.ng. Potential Beneficiaries of the Government Enterprise and Empowerment Programme (GEEP) can apply at National Orientation Agency

What is the age limit?

Under the NSIP Programme, only N-power and GEEP have a set age limit. The N-Power Programme has an age limit of 18-35 years. The NHGSFP provides 1 free meal a day to children in public schools across primary 1-3. GEEP consists of three interventions with different set age limits. Trader

How long will the programme run for?

All the interventions under NSIP are currently ongoing and have no set end date.

What is the qualification required to access the empowerment schemes?

The programmes are designed for every citizen.

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