M & E
Monitoring and Evaluation.

M & E

This unit of the NSIP is set up to make sure people are doing their work and getting benefits. Officers are trained and engaged to visit beneficiaries of the NSIP to ensure the smooth running of the programme.

Who we are
Are Nigerians benefiting from the National Social Investment Programme? How many lives have been changed? Are the interventions making any impact? These questions and more are what the M & E department seeks to answer. We use remarkable procedures, policies, and systems to monitor, evaluate and report the progress of the interventions. Our focus is on the needle-moving activities that ensure the NSIP achieves its mandate of poverty alleviation.

Our Impact

The M&E unit, through the use of SIMIS platform, captures and analyzes data collated from the 36 states of the federation including the FCT as well as the 774 local governments of the federation.

The M&E unit of the NSIP has continued to carry out its component measures of;

  • Inputs: the human, financial and other resources expended in undertaking the activities.
  • Activities: the things that need to be done to achieve outputs.
  • Outputs: the major results needed to achieve the outcomes.
  • Outcomes: the long-term benefits, intended or unintended. These can be relatively short-term (e.g. during project life, commonly referred to as project purpose or objective) or long-term, commonly referred to as goal or long-term objectives.
  • Impact: the result of achieving specific outcomes, such as improving national, social, and economic growth and development.

These measures have helped in identifying the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in all the National Social Investment Programmes. For example, the increase of pupils per term in schools primary 1-3, and the number of cooks and schools benefiting from the National Home Grown School Feeding. Secondly, a good number of trainees are self-employed in their trained area from N-Power knowledge, and also a percentage increase in sales of each benefiting enterprise after 6 months of loan disbursement in the Government Enterprise Empowerment Programme. 

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Our goals and objectives:

  • To outline various roles and responsibilities regarding M&E for the Ministry to track progress and demonstrate results and use them as a communication tool for documenting the M&E mechanisms and their change over time.
  • To have a common, standardized approach for the application of M&E principles across the Ministry and its stakeholders.
  • To enhance the quality of M&E practices – in terms of M&E methodology and tools, and the quality, frequency, and application of findings.